Backcountry Skiing Mini Course with Chris Davenport

Welcome to Lesson #5:
Layering - A Gear Case Study 🧥🌨

This video lesson is a sample from Lesson 6 of the full Backcountry Skiing course with Chris Davenport on Crux Academy. All rights reserved.
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to pack and layer like a pro (trust us, there’s a learning curve) so you stay warm and comfortable for both the uphill and downhill. 

ICYMI: If you didn’t catch our email yesterday, Lesson #4 - A Demo of Digging a Snow Pit,
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Welcome to Lesson #5, Layering: a Gear Case Study

It might sound basic, but almost all new backcountry skiers don’t layer right, especially on the ascent, leading to getting soaked and cold from the inside out. 

Everyone is different when it comes to cold-weather gear layering and preferences, but the general rule of thumb is to start cold on the uphill (you’re bound to warm up when you start hiking) and follow the no-sweating pace principle.

Again, the key is to stay cool and ventilated while skinning, but insulated and dry while transitioning and bombing downhill.

Once you watch the video, you should be dialed in all warm and dry, tomorrow we enter into one of my favorite topics, route finding! 

Happy layering until then!

Jeremy Jensen
Founder/CEO of Crux Academy

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PPS - Looking for a deep dive into layering for all your outdoor adventures? Check out this extensive conversation on layering from another Crux course on Adventure Trip Planning, taught by Brody Leven. Also, if you want a “bro deal” on some baselayers and outerwear from, hit me up here and I’ll hook you up 😉