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Backcountry Skiing Mini Course ⛷ 🙌🏽

This video lesson is a sample from the full Backcountry Skiing course with Chris Davenport on Crux Academy. All rights reserved.
Thanks for enrolling in Chris Davenport’s Backcountry Skiing mini course! 🏔

We’re excited to drop in with you and teach you all the nuts and bolts of staying safe and having fun while skiing in the backcountry!

We created this course because skiing out of bounds is truly one of the most gratifying and exhilarating activities there is.

Literally, some of our best days EVER, period… happened while skiing in the backcountry! 

Skipping the lift lines, being in nature, hanging out with friends, all while skiing untouched bottomless powder - it doesn’t get any better, right?! 

But let’s face it, it can also be kind of intimidating.

Between knowing where to go, getting the gear you need, and navigating the avalanche danger - there’s a steep learning curve.

That’s why we tapped one of the world’s best, Chris Davenport, to break it down for you step by step.

Chris is a former World Champion, professional ski guide, and author - trust us, there's really no one better to get you dialed in for some epic ski days!

In this mini course, you will receive one lesson a day for the next 7 days with a few key concepts from our full Backcountry Skiing course.

Each lesson will be about 3-5 minutes and will give you tactical pro advice on key topics and help you take the guesswork out of your first few days skiing outside of the resort.

By the end of this mini-course, you’ll better understand:
🎿 The key things to consider before heading into the backcountry 
🎿 Basic avalanche awareness
🎿 Using an avalanche beacon
🎿 Testing snow stability by digging a snow pit
🎿 Gear and how to layer to stay warm and comfortable
🎿 Route finding and knowing where to ski
🎿 Picking a safe and fun ski line 
🎿 PLUS: gear discounts and additional resources

You’ll receive the first lesson in about 24 hours (oh the anticipation!)

Thanks again for being here, we’re psyched to have you!  

See you tomorrow ✌🏼

Jeremy Jensen
Founder/CEO of Crux Academy 

PS - Tomorrow in Lesson #1, we’ll help you find your purpose for skiing in the backcountry, which will provide the foundation for endless motivation and fulfillment as you start this journey. 

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