Free Mini Course: You Belong in the Outdoors - Intro to Hiking and Experiencing Nature with Evelynn Escobar

Evelynn Escobar started a hiking group for BIPOC women in Los Angeles called Hike Clerb. Evelynn and the group immediately caught the attention of not only hikers, but mainstream media, and since has been featured by Vogue, Nike and others for her innovative and inclusive vision for getting women into nature. You won't want to miss her story and her tips for making the outdoors a bigger part of your life. Brought to you on Crux Academy in partnership with The North Face.

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Multiple Resources
Live Webinar and Q&A
One-on-One Mentorship

About the Course

Hiking is truly one of the most fulfilling and accessible outdoor activities around, and it's a great way to start benefiting from the positive affects of nature. Whether you're looking to reduce stress or simply get a good workout, Evelynn will show you how get started, find your community, and keep focused on what really matters.

What you're going to learn:

  • Tips for getting started and finding your community
  • How to find trails around you
  • Setting yourself up for success while on a hike
  • Planning for what gear you need
  • And much more (see course contents above for full syllabus👆🏼)

Course Introduction

The Benefits of Time Outdoors

The Outdoors as a Safe Space

Building Self Confidence in the Outdoors

Parenting and the Outdoors

Accessibility Tips

Recommended Resources

Finding and Building Community

Mental Health Tips

Preparing for Your First Hike


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