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Master the art of planning your dream trips with pro adventurer and athlete, Brody Leven.

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About the Course

In the adventure community, Brody Leven is a man who needs no introduction. But we’ll give him one anyways, just because it’s one hell of an intro.

Brody was born and raised in the flats of Ohio, where even conversations about outdoor exploration are a rarity, let alone actual adventure trips. He never, ever expected to be one of the industry’s most prominent figures—going on to create striking films, land magazine covers, and book speaking engagements to inspire others. But with years of hard work, learning, and growth, here he is today—ready to help you learn.

Brody’s success is built upon a mountain of mistakes. And he’s created this adventure planning course to help you avoid them all. By following his formula, you’ll (ideally) skip the parts Brody suffered through: getting struck by lightning, hit by rockfall, stuck in a crevasse. You know. Normal Brody things.

What you're going to learn:

  • How to establish meaningful goals for your adventure travel
  • What to pack and how to get it there
  • How to build the ultimate trip spreadsheets to be organized like a pro
  • Budgeting tips to take the trip of your dreams
  • And much more (see lesson contents above for topic list👆🏼)


Before we get started, let's get to know your instructor and what we'll be covering.

Meet Your Adventure Expert: Brody Leven


Lesson 1: What Are Your Trip Goals?

Because you're here, we can assume one of two things: 1) You love adventure, or 2) You're ready to love adventure. Either way, this course is built to amplify every adventure ahead, so let's get started with your goals.

Determine What's Important


Special Considerations


Example: Riding Bikes to Ski Volcanoes, The Hard Way


Lesson 2: What Are You Doing And With Whom

One of the first steps of adventure trip planning is to identify what you'll be doing and with whom. These two factors will shape your experience and the rest of the planning process, so now is the time to give these some thought.

What Activity/Activities Are You Doing?


Will You Adventure With Others or Alone?


Lesson 3: Where Do You Want To Adventure?

Now that we have goals, activities, and partners squared away, it's time to focus on location. In this lesson, we're going to help determine the best places in the world to pursue your activity and plan your adventure.

Choose Destination And Route


When A Location Is Determined, Start A Spreadsheet


Case Study: Pedal to Peaks 2 - Riding Bicycles to Ski Peaks in Norway

In this case study, Brody goes deep on a topic that can't be emphasized enough: location.

Case Study: Location Selection - Pedal to Peaks 2 in Norway


Lesson 4: Activity-Specific Plans

In this lesson, we're going to start building a route for your adventure using accessible tools like Google Earth and Gaia. We'll also discuss some risk topics and make the case that more fitness equals more fun.

Build a Route


Consider Relative Exposure




Navigation & Communication


Lesson Demo: Route Finding


Case Study: A First Ski Descent In Georgia (the country)

This is a deep dive into the process of planning a trip, in this case a remote couloir in Eastern Europe. Hear from Brody and one of his go-to adventure partners Mary as they share insights on navigating the ins and outs of a wild trip!

Case Study: Planning for a First Ski Descent in Georgia


Lesson 5: Separate Travel & Adventure

It's often helpful to compartmentalize the various parts of your trip, especially for planning purposes. In this lesson we'll help you understand why this is helpful and how to structure the planning of the various moving parts.

Where Does the Travel Stop and the Planned Adventure Begin?


Lesson 6: What Equipment Will You Need?

This is one of the most important lessons in this course, because your gear can make or break your trip. We're going to walk you through the nitty gritty details of choosing the right gear, at the right price, in order to ensure an amazing adventure trip.

Start a Gear Spreadsheet


Gear Considerations


Lesson Demo: Creating Your Trip Gear List


Case Study: The Gear Room

In this Case Study, we're diving deep into every aspect of gear-selection for your adventure trip. No stone is left unturned.

Welcome to the Gear Room: Building an Overnight Kit


Layering 101


Electronics For Your Adventures


Hygiene Essentials


Tents, Sleeping Pads, and Sleeping Bags


First Aid Kit


Choosing a Backpack


Food & Water


Example: Choosing Gear for a Climbing Trip


Lesson 7: How Much Will This Cost?

Almost all forms of adventure require an investment. This lesson is all about how to pay for your trip, how to organize the budget, and the best tips to help you enjoy your adventure without letting finances get in the way.

Who Will Pay for Expenses?


Funding Your Trip


Example: Skiing South America on a Shoestring


Lesson 8: When Things Go Wrong

On adventure trips it's not a matter of IF things go wrong. It's a matter of WHEN things go wrong. We're here to help you think through this reality while you're still in the planning phase, so that when things do go wrong, you know what to do.

Planning and Preparing for the Worst


Demo: The Emergency Contact Spreadsheet


Example: Kazakhstan Ski Trip


Lesson 9: Details Matter

Fact: The more prepared you are, the more fun you're going to have. So let's do everything we can to avoid hitting a snag, forgetting something, or running into an issue that compromises you or your partners safety.

The Ultimate Logistics Checklist


Example: Stolen Passport


Example: Uganda Immigration


Lesson 10: Travel Tips

There are a many tips, tricks, and hacks that will make your life easier and save you money on your trip. This lesson covers the greatest hits.

Traveling Efficiently & Finding Deals


Lodging on the Cheap


Examples: Local Trips and Mt. Kenya


Lesson 11: How to Pack

There's a certain science to packing for your dream adventure trip. But the formula can be all off with a few wrong turns. In this lesson, we go through the different types of packing, and the proper approach to make sure you're bringing what you do need, while leaving behind what you don't need.

Pack Like a Pro: The Duffel Bag


Pack Like a Pro: The Carry-On


Why The Top-Down Gear Photo Isn't Just Instagram Fare


Case Study: Packing

Packing is one of those things that on the surface may not seem like a big deal, but like many things once you peel back the layers of the onion you realize there is an art to it. In this Case Study, Brody shares his hard-earned tips and tricks for packing like a pro.

Using The Top-Down Gear Layout


Demo: Packing a Backpack


Lesson 12: Be Flexible

As much as we can plan and learn, our adventures will always be full of surprise. That's why they're called adventures, after all.

Here, we talk about the importance of being flexible and rolling with the punches of your trip.

Embracing a Flexible Mindset



You're almost at the finish line! As you wrap up the Adventure Trip Planning course, Brody spends the final chapter with his parting thoughts and well wishes.

Conclusion: A Message from Brody


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