Bouldering: Fitness and Mindset with Nina Williams

Nina Williams has dedicated her entire life to climbing and bouldering, and it shows. In this class, she passes down her variety of knowledge for beginners and experts alike.

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Bouldering, Climbing Fitness & Mindset with Nina Williams

Nina Williams has dedicated her entire life to climbing and bouldering, and it shows. In this class, she passes down her variety of knowledge for beginners and experts alike.

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Beginner - Advanced
2hr 6min

About the Course

Learn how one of the most celebrated climbers on the planet builds her skill, her physical strength, and her mental toughness.

What you're going to learn:

  • How to set goals and overcome mental  hurdles to reach new levels of climbing
  • Nina's go-to exercises and physical training tips
  • How to safely fall
  • Recommended routes and how to identify your next project
  • And much more (see lesson contents above for full list of topics 👆)

Let's dive in!

Lesson 1: Introduction

In this introductory section, discover what drives Nina to push the limits, why she's stoked to share her climbing expertise, and what you will learn from this course—starting right now.


Here's what you can expect. Let's drop in!


Meet Your Instructor: Nina Williams

Before digging into the meat of the course, let's begin by exploring Nina's background and reasons why she loves to climb.


A Deeper Look at Nina's Specialty: Highballing

Bouldering at heights above 15ft (aka highballing) can be daunting. Hear Nina dissect 3 historic climbs and how she managed her fear, turning her into one of the best in the world.


Lesson 2: The Mental Game of Climbing

Every outdoor pursuit comes with a series of mental hurdles. And this is particularly true with climbing. Each decision and movement can be make or break, so it's important to ensure you're just as prepared mentally as you are physically. These chapters cover this crucial mental aspect of climbing, including tricks and tips to remember when you're in a pinch.

An Introduction to Mindset

Your mindset is one of the most important aspects of any physical pursuit, but especially in climbing. Let's warm up to this lesson by identifying why mindset matters.


Goal Setting

Let's start by looking at your climbing goals. More importantly, why is that your goal and what motivates you to achieve it?


Mental Blocks

Here, Nina covers mental blocks, and her tips for getting past them. The key thing is to flip the script: reframe the challenge in front of you.


The 3 Step Process

Taking your mental game to the next level is a simple process, we'll break it down step by step.


Lesson 3: Fitness and Training

It's no secret that physical strength is absolutely paramount to climbing success. But more often than not, climbers' fitness routines are far from what they should be. This lesson covers Nina's tried-and-true fitness philosophy—covering fingers, shoulders, core, and more.

Shoulders: Recommended Fitness and Training Programs


Core: Recommended Fitness and Training Programs


Key Concepts to Remember


Lesson 4: Recommended Gear

One of the nice things about bouldering is that you don't need a ton of gear. That said, in this lesson Nina walks through her go-to gear haul for maximizing comfort and success at the crag.

Nina's Gear Essentials


Lesson 5: How to Spot and Fall Safely

What goes up, must come down. And as a climber you'll fall down often. So in this lesson, Nina covers how you can fall the right way. With these key lessons surrounding preparation and injury prevention, you can learn from your falls instead of letting them set you back.

Setting Up the Fall Zone


The Mental Game of Falling


Tips for Falling




Lesson 6: Protecting Your Skin

There's no way around it. As a climber, your skin is going to take a beating. But there are preventative measures you can take every single day, as well as recovery methods that get you back on the rock faster than expected.

Why Skin Maintenance Matters


Lesson 7: Case Study - The Process of Projecting

With the previous lessons under your belt, now is the time to put everything into practice. In this lesson, we dive into a case study to cover finding your proper bouldering project, then conquering that project with all the right moves.

Resources for Finding a Project


Case Study: Projecting Basics


Case Study: Projecting Preparation


Case Study: Working the Boulder Problem


Case Study: Debrief and Takeaways


Lesson 8: Conclusion

Well folks, now it's time to go climbing!

You've reached the end of the course. So take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. Then get out there and put your knowledge to work because you've got this!

Nina's Final Thoughts