Meditation and Mindfulness with Hakim Tafari

Hakim Tafari is not only one of the coolest dudes around, but also is an accomplished trail runner and meditation and mindfulness expert. Hakim has helped runners all over the world improve their lives and enhance their performance via a consistent mindfulness practice. Tune in to have him do the same for you. Brought to you on Crux Academy in partnership with The North Face.

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Beginner - Intermediate
30 min

About the Course

A strong mental game can improve your life in the most profound ways. Just ask Hakim Tafari, who went from living an unhealthy lifestyle that nearly killed him, to thriving as a trail runner, vegan and mindfulness instructor. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, improve your performance, or simply learn some new tricks from a wise soul, Hakim will show you the way.

What you're going to learn:

  • Why meditation and mindfulness matter
  • Tips for getting started and being successful
  • Applying mindfulness practices to trail running and outdoor pursuits
  • Making the outdoors more inclusive
  • The basic principles guiding Hakim's life: Buddhism, Rastafarianism, and Veganism
  • And much more (see lessons above for full syllabus👆🏼)

Introduction to Hakim Tafari

Lesson 3: Practicing Mindfulness


Lesson 4: Mindfulness and Trail Running


Lesson 5: Buddhist Wisdom for Everyday Life


Lesson 7: The Importance of Land Acknowledgements


Lesson 8: Tips for Getting Into Trail Running


Lesson 9: Making the Outdoors More Inclusive


Lesson 10: How Veganism Benefited Hakim