Trail Running with Fernanda Maciel

Discover all the tips, tricks, and wisdom you need to trail run farther and stronger than ever before. This course with world champion, Fernanda Maciel, covers it all—from route-planning to pacing technique and beyond.

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Trail Running with Fernanda Maciel

Fernanda commits every single day to understanding and executing her trail running dreams—as the Vice World Champion and with records all over the world. All these accomplishments and all these miles later, she’s finally slowing down to share her knowledge with you.

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3 hrs

About the Course

If you didn’t know any better, you might think Fernanda Maciel is some type of extra-terrestrial athlete. This Chamonix-based runner moves the mountains with so much skill, strategy, and strength, it’s hard to believe she’s one of us humans.

Fernanda commits every single day to understanding and executing her trail running dreams—with female records running up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest peak in Africa) and Mt. Aconcagua (highest peak in the Americas). All these peaks and all these miles later, she’s finally slowing down to share her knowledge with you.

What you're going to learn:

  • Tips on how to optimize your trail running technique
  • How to stay motivated and consistent
  • Fitness techniques and nutrition recommendations
  • How to maximize recovery after long runs
  • And much more

Lesson 1: Why Trail Run?

Welcome to trail running with Fernanda Maciel. In this Crux Academy Course, Fernanda will show you the ins and outs of her craft—helping you run farther and faster than ever before, no matter your experience. Lace up and get psyched.

Lesson 2: What Level Are You Starting From

Before we dive into the 40+ chapters of this immersive course, let's get started by checking what level of expertise you're coming here with. It doesn't matter if you're completely new to the sport or a seasoned competitor—it's simply important to make this evaluation nice and early.

Lesson 3: Trail Running Technique

Trail running is all about just running as far and fast as you can, right? Wrong. There are so many little-known factors that go into strong trail running, and one of the most important is technique. In this lesson, Fernanda and World Champion Pau Cappell team up to deliver their very best advice for you.

In The Field: Uphill Technique with World Champion Pau Cappell


In The Field: Downhill Technique with World Champion Pau Cappell


In The Field: Trekking Poles with World Champion Pau Cappell


Improving Speed and Volume


Warm-Up Techniques


Lesson 4: Pacing

For trail runners, pacing is everything. It's important to know when to hit the gas, when to pump the brakes, and how to make sure you can really enjoy a run from start to finish.

The Importance of Pacing


How and When to Control Your Pace


Lesson 5: Navigation and Route Planning

This lesson is all about the nerdy side of trail running, which for many folks can be a whole lot of fun. Route-planning is at the core of every great adventure, and with that route comes the necessity for proper navigation. Let's jump in!

Planning Ahead


Case Study: UTMB Route Planning




Lesson 6: Motivation

Spurts of motivation come easy to many trail runners, but harnessing long-term motivation takes extra effort. In this lesson, we learn how to keep that motivation going through all your highs and lows.

Why Do You Run?


Fernanda's Routine


Fighting Post-Race Depression


Lesson 7: Mental Training

As a trail runner, you'll spend countless minutes, hours, and days pushing yourself to the limit—often all alone. It's important to be mentally strong through it all, and to be able to unlock a special mindset we call "Flow State."

Understanding Mindset


Strengthening Your Mindset


Unlocking a Flow State


When to Block Your Emotions


Lesson 8: Fitness

Supplementing your running endurance with other fitness regiments is absolutely key. This lesson goes over some of Fernanda's favorite exercises that keep her in tip-top shape.  









Joint Mobility


Lesson 9: Nutrition for Trail Running

What you eat before, during, and after a run will make or break you. In this lesson, we break down how to nourish yourself properly for an array of distances—from a 10K to an ultra marathon.

Why Is Nutrition Important?


10KM Race


Half Marathon




Ultra Marathon


High Mountains


Case Study: Nutrition


Lesson 10: Recovery

We talk a lot about what to do before and during a run. But this chapter covers the importance of the recovery that comes after—using several key methods as examples.

The Important Methods of Recovery


Lesson 11: Dealing With Injury

Injury is, unfortunately, inevitable as a trail runner. But how you mitigate risk and bounce back can change absolutely everything.



Diagnosis and Treatment


Lesson 12: Gear

Trail running may not require quite as much gear as other outdoor activities, but this lesson quickly shows us that every gear decision is paramount to your success on the trail.

Running Shoes


Other Mandatory Gear


Lesson 13: How To Manage Training With Your Day Job

As an environmental lawyer, Fernanda shares your struggle to balance running with a day job. In this lesson, she discusses how to make it all happen and get the most out of both

Training Tips for Different Types of Jobs


Lesson 14: Preparing For Your First Race

Every trail running races requires unique preparation—ranging from nutrition to route knowledge. Let's run through the important pre-race checklist to make sure you're feeling confident on the start line.

Steps for Your First Race


Setting Race Objectives


Case Study: How I Started Racing UTMB


Lesson 15: Preparing For Different Race Lengths

The distance of your race will significantly impact how you prepare. This lesson covers how to do it right for 21, 42, and 100KM distances.

The Different Race Lengths Broken Down


Lesson 16: The Pre-Race Routine and Race Day Routine

The small details leading up to your race day will make massive changes to your performance. Let's walk through the most important ones—including sleep, stretching, and avoiding distractions.

The Pre-Race Routine


The Race-Day Routine


Lesson 17: After the Race

The work doesn't end when the race ends. In fact, your attention to nutrition and emotional health will determine how you carry yourself to the next big adventure.

Initiate the Recovery Process


Understanding Your Emotions


Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Well folks, now it's time to get out running!

You've reached the end of the course. So take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. Then get out there and put your knowledge to work because you've got this.

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