About Me

I am a proud member of the Navajo Nation. From the Tobacco Clan of the Tachiinii people and Mexican lineage. A son of a Scottish-Romanian Father. The grandson of traditional healers, miners, and blue-collar Detroit autoworkers. A big fan of dogs. I taught myself how to ski.

My Past Experience

Founder/CEO of Natives Outdoors

In 2017, I founded NativesOutdoors to fill a gap of indigenous talent and voices in the outdoor industry. Our humble beginnings started as an instagram account which blossomed into a thriving B-Corp with work in media creation, design, and consulting. The success of this work has come from finding cultivating a team of talented, passionate individuals, who share this vision.

Academia and Policy

I am a retired college professor and researcher. I worked for the Department of Energy under the Obama Administration. I work at the intersection of indigenous peoples, natural resource and environmental policy. I take bold and risk-informed approaches to my work.

Adventure and Story Telling

I tell stories about human-powered movement through landscapes as traditional knowledge, exploring our cultural relationships with the natural world. I love attenuating complex stories through written and visual storytelling.



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