Nina Williams

Professional Rock Climber


Nina Williams’ story humbly began in Rhode Island, where she learned the ropes of climbing and dove into the competitive scene at an early age. As her love for climbing grew, she explored New England’s walls further and, in her early twenties, moved out West in search of even bigger challenges. The rest is history. Today, Nina is one of the world’s most accomplished climbers—championing walls from California to South Africa. Her passion has evolved largely into the mental side of climbing, leading her to chase down high bouldering objectives not for the faint of heart. Mix that in with a rigorous training regimen and an infectiously positive attitude, and Nina is hands-down one of the best instructors out there

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Bouldering, Climbing Fitness & Mindset with Nina Williams

Learn how one of the most celebrated climbers on the planet builds her skill, her physical strength, and her mental toughness.

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