Len Necefer

Professor and Activist


In today's world, respecting public lands and indigenous peoples is more important than ever. And few people can show us the way better than Dr. Len Necefer. His rare combination of knowledge is here for you to absorb—accumulated over his years as a professor of American Indian Studies and Public Policy at Arizona State University, an avid adventurer, and the CEO of Natives Outdoors. Simply put: If you spend time outdoors, it’s critical to hear Necefer’s facts and wisdom. Every single learning will inform your next adventure, while giving you a platform to educate your fellow outdoors lovers, too.

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Public Lands and Indigenous Peoples with Dr. Len Necefer

It's more important than ever for outdoor recreationalists to respect public lands and indigenous peoples. We've tapped into one of the industry's brightest minds to bridge the gap.

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