Maddie Brenneman

Fly Fishing Guide


While on vacation in Canada as a kid, Maddie Brenneman found herself casting line after line, in search of the perfect fish. And ever since, she’s dedicated her entire life to being an angler—a damn good one. Brenneman spends her days on rivers around the world for all the right reasons. Of course, she loves to catch fish. But it’s about much more than that. It’s about the travel that comes with fishing. It’s about the never-ending education surrounding conservation. And it’s about the opportunity to share experiences with new people willing to learn the craft. From New Zealand to Belize to her backyard in Colorado—she’s gained the necessary knowledge, and then some, to help take your fly fishing adventures to the next level.

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Fly Fishing with Maddie Brenneman

She's spent her entire life mastering the art of fly fishing. Now, she's handing that mastery down the line so you can hit the river with the utmost confidence.

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