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About Pattie Gonia

Pattie Gonia (she/they) aka Wyn Wiley is an intersectional environmentalist, drag queen, and advocate for inclusivity in the outdoors. Pattie is the founder of the Pattie Gonia Community which is now more than 450,000 people strong. Collectively, they work to uplift LGBTQIA+ people and other underrepresented groups in the outdoors.

Over the past three years, Pattie and her community have fundraised over a half-million dollars for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and environmental non-profits, completed hundreds of miles of hiking together, and raised awareness for the ongoing environmental justice crisis.

When they’re not busy advocating for the outdoors, you can find Pattie out of drag, as Wyn (he/they) in the outdoors backpacking, painting their nails in their back yard, or skating on high alpine frozen lakes.

Connect with them @PattieGonia



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