Fly Fishing with Maddie Brenneman

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Fly Fishing with Maddie Brenneman

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From the rivers of New Zealand to her backyard in Colorado, Maddie Brenneman has proven herself as a true master angler. And now, she's sharing that mastery with you.

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What You'll Learn

Introduction and Why Do I Fly Fish?

Learn how Maddie fell in love with fly fishing and why this course will elevate your experiences on the rivers of the world.

What is Fly Fishing?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of fly fishing, it's important we talk about what fly fishing really is in the first place.

Stream Etiquette

Maddie goes through the essentials of fly fishing with courtesy. Because without courtesy, you'll never make friends on the river.

The Science Behind the Sport: Entomology

Fly fishing isn't just dropping a line into the water. In this lesson, we dive into the science behind the sport.

Fly Fishing Gear and What You Really Need to Get Started

The worst mistake an angler can make is owning the wrong gear. So let's talk about what the right gear can do for you.

Safe Practices for the Angler and the Fish

There's plenty to consider in the safety category of fly fishing—from emergency prevention to proper fish handling.

The Basics of Knot Tying

With the proper knot, you're one step closer to becoming a master angler. So in this lesson, we cover all things knots.

The Basics of Fly Casting

Here, we dissect the casting process into specific steps to make sure every cast is better than the last.

Hooking and Landing a Fish

Once you've hooked a fish, your work has really just begun. In this lesson, we dive into the essential steps to finishing up strong.

Reading Water and Knowing Where to Fish

This lesson is all about observing, analyzing, and decision-making on the water to ensure each catch is better—and quicker—than the last.

Tying Your Own Flies

One could spend a lifetime tying flies upon flies. And after this lesson, you very well may.

Fishing With Kids, Fly Fishing Tourism, and Finding A Guide

Properly navigating these sectors of fly fishing will make the entire industry stronger and smarter than ever.

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YOUR Instructor

Maddie Brenneman

Fly Fishing Guide

While on vacation in Canada as a kid, Maddie Brenneman found herself casting line after line, in search of the perfect fish. And ever since, she’s dedicated her entire life to being an angler—a damn good one. Brenneman spends her days on rivers around the world for all the right reasons. Of course, she loves to catch fish. But it’s about much more than that. It’s about the travel that comes with fishing. It’s about the never-ending education surrounding conservation. And it’s about the opportunity to share experiences with new people willing to learn the craft. From New Zealand to Belize to her backyard in Colorado—she’s gained the necessary knowledge, and then some, to help take your fly fishing adventures to the next level.

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