Public Lands and Indigenous Peoples with Dr. Len Necefer

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Public Lands and Indigenous Peoples with Dr. Len Necefer

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Dr. Necefer is a professor at Arizona State University, avid adventurer, and CEO of Native Outdoors. In this course, we tap into his deep, important knowledge of public lands and indigenous peoples, in relation to modern outdoor recreation.

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What You'll Learn

Your Public Lands - A Brief History

Today, we celebrate our public lands for the adventures they offer us all. But the creation of public lands has a darker, complex story we need to understand.

Indigenous Peoples - The Ultimate Land Stewards

This lesson explores what it truly means to be connected to the land by observing indigenous peoples' ecological traditions.

The Roles Tribes Play in Public Land Management Today

Indigenous peoples are the most valuable consultants and decision-makers for our public lands. This lesson explores how they lead the way.

Case Study: Sacred Indigenous Sites and Climbing

This unique case study explores how indigenous peoples have informed and improved climbing in response to harm done to sacred lands.

Bears Ears - Tribes and Climbers Working Together

Using Bears Ears Monument as an example, we explore how various groups of people can find common ground to protect land together.

Reducing Conflict Between Tribes & The Outdoor Community

This final lesson explores how we can reduce conflict between tribes and the greater outdoor community to ensure a better path forward.

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YOUR Instructor

Len Necefer

Professor and Activist

In today's world, respecting public lands and indigenous peoples is more important than ever. And few people can show us the way better than Dr. Len Necefer. His rare combination of knowledge is here for you to absorb—accumulated over his years as a professor of American Indian Studies and Public Policy at Arizona State University, an avid adventurer, and the CEO of Natives Outdoors. Simply put: If you spend time outdoors, it’s critical to hear Necefer’s facts and wisdom. Every single learning will inform your next adventure, while giving you a platform to educate your fellow outdoors lovers, too.

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