Trail Running with Fernanda Maciel

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Trail Running with Fernanda Maciel

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Discover all the tips, tricks, and wisdom you need to trail run farther and stronger than ever before. This course with world champion, Fernanda Maciel, covers it all—from route-planning to pacing technique and beyond.

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What You'll Learn

Why Trail Run?

We begin this course going over Fernanda's experience and learning why she loves to run.

What Level Are You Starting From?

All levels of expertise are welcome to this course. But before we dive into the 40+ chapters, let's check what you're working with.

Trail Running Technique

In this lesson, Fernanda and World Champion, Pau Cappell, team up to deliver their very best technique advice.


Learn when to hit the gas, when to pump the brakes, and how to make sure you can really enjoy a run from start to finish.

Navigation and Route Planning

Route-planning is at the core of every great adventure, and with that route comes the necessity for proper navigation. 


Spurts of motivation come easy to many trail runners, but harnessing long-term motivation takes extra effort. This lesson covers the latter.

Mental Training

As a trail runner, you'll spend countless minutes, hours, and days pushing yourself to the limit—often all alone. Let’s talk about staying mentally strong through it all.


This lesson goes over some of Fernanda's favorite non-running exercises that keep her in tip-top shape.

Nutrition for Trail Running

Let's break down how to nourish yourself properly for an array of distances—from a 10K to an ultra marathon.


We talk a lot about what to do before and during a run. But this chapter covers the importance of the recovery that comes after.

Dealing With Injury

Injury is, unfortunately, inevitable as a trail runner. But how you mitigate risk and bounce back can change absolutely everything.

+ 6 More Lessons

These remaining lessons cover gear, race preparation, balancing running with work, and so much more.

Course Sample

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  • 18 Lessons
  • 40+ Chapters
  • 3 Case Studies
  • Motivation, Fitness,& Technique Pro Tips
  • 6 Live Q&A's/year
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YOUR Instructor

Fernanda Maciel

Professional Ultrarunner

If you didn’t know any better, you might think Fernanda Maciel is some type of extra-terrestrial runner. This Brazilian master—based in Chamonix, France—runs through the mountains with so much skill, strategy, and strength, it’s hard to believe she’s one of us. In reality, Maciel is such a celebrated trail runner thanks to her hard work. She’s spent every waking second possible understanding and executing her trail running dreams. That includes female world records running up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest peak in Africa) and Mt. Aconcagua (highest peak in the Americas). All these peaks and miles later, she’s finally taking a break to share her knowledge with you.

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