Adventure Trip Planning with Brody Leven

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Master the art of planning your dream trips with pro adventurer and athlete, Brody Leven.

Every successful trip begins with the right plan. In this course, we cover every necessary detail—from budgeting, to route-planning, to gear prep, and everything between.

What you're going to learn:

  • How to establish meaningful goals for your adventure travel
  • What to pack and how to get it there
  • How to build the ultimate trip spreadsheets to be organized like a pro
  • Budgeting tips to take the trip of your dreams
  • And much more (see course contents above for full syllabus👆🏼)

Course Introduction

Course Sample

Introduction to Brody and What Are Your Trip Goals

This course was built on the back of 15 years of experience from professional adventurer Brody Leven. After compiling all those hard lessons learned, Brody is delivering his truly formulaic and universal approach to trip planning to you.

What Are You Doing And With Whom

One of the first steps of adventure trip planning is to identify what you'll be doing and with whom. These two factors will shape your experience and the rest of the planning process.

Where Do You Want To Adventure

In this lesson, we're going to help determine the best places in the world to pursue your activity and plan your adventure. In order to do this, we will keep in mind budgetary and time constraints, difficulty of travel, and practicality.

Planning For Specific Activities

Here, we'll start building a route for your adventure using accessible tools like Google Earth and Gaia. We'll also discuss risk topics and fitness factors.

Separate Travel And Adventure

It's often helpful to compartmentalize the various parts of your trip into travel and adventure categories. This lesson explores that compartmentalization.

What Equipment Will You Need + The Gear Room Case Stu

Your gear can make or break your trip, so we'll walk you through the nitty gritty details of making sure you have what you need at the right price.

How Much Will This Cost

This lesson is all about how to pay for your trip, how to organize the budget, and how to enjoy your adventure without letting financial stress get in the way.

When Things Go Wrong

On adventure trips, something is always bound to go wrong. In this lesson, we explore how to problem-solve and keep moving forward.

Details Matter

By honing in on every small detail possible, you can mitigate risk and setbacks during your adventure trip. In this lesson, we help walk through these details.

Travel Tips

There are endless tips, tricks, and hacks that will make your life easier and save you money on the road. Here are the greatest hits.


So much great information and resources in this course. Tbh it's worth the price just for the spreadsheets. But seriously, if you want to have more fulfilling adventures, and trips in general, this course covers everything you need to make it happen.

Conor C.

What I loved is Brody explaining how to pick your trip partner and goals and then making sure both are aligned with the trip you have in mind. The template in the resources page was invaluable to help identify all the elements I need to think about. The great thing about this course is that it can be applied to any trip from a hike in a local area to an overseas expedition as the skills can be scaled up or down depending on the need. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get out there and have adventures. Brody makes each stage of trip planning feel so manageable and breaks it down into smaller steps. The way this course is presented helps address that initial feeling of overwhelm when you think about a trip and gives the student much more chance of succeeding in living out their dream adventure.

Victoria F.

This course was way more comprehensive than I could have imagined. I learned about so many outdoor skills, my favorite section being gear. I feel like this Brody's teaching is almost a substitute for going on a NOLS trip!

Maurice R.

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