Brody Leven

Professional Adventurer


Brody was born and raised in the flats of Ohio, where even conversations about outdoor exploration are a rarity, let alone actual adventure trips. He never, ever expected to be one of the industry’s most prominent figures—going on to create striking films, land magazine covers, and book speaking engagements to inspire others. But here he is today—ready to help you learn. Brody’s success is built upon a mountain of mistakes. And he’s created this adventure planning course to help you avoid them all. By following his formula, you’ll (ideally) skip the parts he suffered through: getting struck by lightning, hit by rockfall, stuck in a crevasse. You know. Normal Brody things.

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Adventure Trip Planning with Brody Leven

Every successful trip begins with the right plan. In this course, the ultimate adventure pro covers every necessary detail—from budgeting, to route-planning, to gear prep, and beyond.

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