Backcountry Skiing with Chris Davenport

Let's get you into the backcountry feeling safe and stoked with the help of legendary skier, Chris Davenport.

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About the Course

Chris Davenport is one of the most experienced pro skiers in the industry. A former World Champion, professional ski guide, and author - there's really no one better to get you dialed in for epic backcountry ski days!

What you're going to learn:

  • How to establish meaningful goals for your adventure travel
  • What to pack and how to get it there
  • How to build the ultimate trip spreadsheets to be organized like a pro
  • Budgeting tips to take the trip of your dreams
  • And much more (see course contents above for full syllabus👆🏼)

Course Introduction

Course Sample

Introduction and Why Ski in the Backcountry?

Welcome to the Backcountry Skiing course! Let's start with an introduction to the sport and the legend himself, Chris Davenport!

Things to Keep In Mind Before Traveling in the Backcountry

We call this lesson, "Things to Keep in Mind Before Traveling in the Backcountry." But you can call it, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself." By taking a good hard look at your ability level, your attitude, your ski partners, your gear, and more, you're becoming a smarter and safer backcountry skier right out of the gate.

Avalanche Awareness

Across these 6 chapters, we'll become familiar with a range of key topics—from understanding why most avalanches occur, to what goes into digging a proper snow pit.

Partner Selection

Without the right partner(s) in the backcountry, nothing else matters. This lesson focuses on the importance of this selection process and the consequences of selecting poorly.

Gear + Gear Case Studies

You're only as good as your gear in the backcountry and, fortunately, Chris dove DEEP into his gear preferences for this lesson. Whether you already own a perfect setup or need to dial in the details, the following three chapters are absolutely for you.

Uphill Travel

Like everything in the backcountry, walking uphill isn't as simple as it sounds. Here, we break down the best skinning technique, as well as accompanying situations like breaking trail and executing the perfect kick turn. There's plenty to consider in the safety category of fly fishing—from emergency prevention to proper fish handling.

Route Finding Tips

Before every safe and smart backcountry adventure comes to a lot of homework. And a big part of that homework is nailing your route. In this lesson, Chris explains his process—from the early stages of researching at home, to executing on the mountain with proper GPS too


While backcountry skiing absolutely makes you a fitter skier, it can't stand alone as your sole fitness source. Truly enjoying the backcountry requires workouts on and off the hill. And when you're in the right shape, that's when the sport gets extra fun.

Picking Your Ski Line

So much goes into the perfect backcountry day, and it's a shame to waste all that preparation by rushing into a line. This lesson delves into this decision-making process and why communication with your partner becomes extra important.

Backcountry Etiquette & Safety

The community of backcountry skiers is a passionate one, not to be messed with. Be sure to understand etiquette to ensure everyone's having a good time and feeling welcome.

Other Types of Backcountry Skiing Adventures

Backcountry skiing opens up a world of ski adventures, from hut trips to heli-skiing, you're entering a whole new exciting realm.

Other Types of Backcountry Skiing Adventures

Backcountry skiing opens up a world of ski adventures, from hut trips to heli-skiing, you're entering a whole new exciting realm.

Course Conclusion

You're ready. Chris will send you off with some important next steps and things to keep in mind.


It’s clear from the get-go that Chris is a master of his sport. He’s extremely professional, thorough and thoughtful in his delivery of the content. I’m excited to implement his wisdom in the backcountry this weekend!

Aaron R.

Being brand new to backcountry skiing, Chris’s course helped a lot! From knowing what gear you need to knowing the importance of having a good partner, this course covers it all. I highly recommend for any level of backcountry adventurer!

Ross C.

I’ve always wanted to backcountry ski but never knew where to start. This course with Dav has given me the confidence to take my AIARE 1 and get out there the right way when I’m ready. Chris's experience and diversity of exposure to various geographies and types of terrain make this course a must.

Cynthia C.