Free Mini Course: How to Climb Mount Everest with Garrett Madison

As the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest has an allure that's hard to deny. Whether you're seriously considering a push to the summit or you think the whole process is just damn fascinating, tune in as veteran mountain guide Garrett Madison walks you through the entire process. Brought to you on Crux Academy in partnership with Mountain Hardwear.

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About the Course

Everest is no small undertaking. There is a lot to think about and prepare for. Join one of the world's most accomplished mountain guides, Garrett Madison to demystify the entire journey, from preparation to climbing technique and strategy.

What you're going to learn:

  • Preparation: training, altitude, and expedition readiness
  • Understanding the mountain: weather, rope fixing, and terrain
  • Climbing: getting to basecamp, acclimatizing, the route itself, and how to get down
  • Making the whole process responsible and respectful of local traditions and values

Course Introduction

Everest Preparation: Technical Experience

Everest Preparation: Altitude Experience

Everest Preparation: Expedition Experience

Everest Preparation: Training

Everest Preparation: Choosing a Team

Everest Preparation: Costs

Understanding Everest: Weather

Understanding Everest: Rope Fixing

Understanding Everest: Terrain

Understanding Everest: Getting to Base Camp

Climbing Everest: Acclimatization

Climbing Everest: Acclimatization

Climbing Everest: The Route

Climbing Everest: Getting Down

Climbing Everest: Responsibility


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