Finding Common Ground: How To Be A Climate Advocate

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In 2023, advocating for the outdoors is vital to ensure a healthy future for our people and planet, not to mention to preserve our favorite outdoor spaces we love to play on. But how do you get started along your climate advocacy journey? That’s where POW steps in. We’ve tapped into the outdoor industry’s most engaged climate advocates to keep you informed and elevate your confidence to start your own advocacy journey.

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What you're going to learn:

  • The history of climate policy and how POW can help shape it at both the local and federal level
  • The science of climate change and how we can support scientists
  • How to leverage your voice, show up and speak out as a climate advocate in your community
  • Your most important role as a Team POW member, voting and how to find Common Ground with others
  • And much more

At Protect Our Winters we are often asked, “What can I do,” and “How can I make a difference?” And the simple answer is to join Team POW. As a member you’re aware that Team POW unites the voices of the Outdoor State into a powerful collective that drives real impact on climate.

As a member, you’ve claimed your place in a bold community working to become the most impactful voice for climate. While we can’t thank you enough for your participation, we hope this educational series, Finding Common Ground: How To Be A Climate Advocate, does the trick. One of the perks of being a member of Team POW is exclusive access to educational and advocacy opportunities, and that’s just what this is! 

Dive in and hear in-depth advice, analysis, and tales from the advocacy trail with POW Alliance members like Graham Zimmerman, Michelle Parker, Jeremy Jones, Peyton Thomas, Dakota Jones and more. Our Alliance members are on the front lines of climate change, bearing witness to the environmental changes in real-time and working tirelessly to advocate for the outdoor with lawmakers in D.C. and in their local communities. They know their stuff. The bottom line: If you recreate outdoors and want to do your part to protect it, listen to these folks. Each module will help you along your climate advocacy journey and help you to spread the knowledge to your own community.

What Is POW?

POW helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. But what does that mean? In this lesson, you’ll get a brief overview of POW, it’s mission and it’s community from the people that help drive the organization forward on a daily basis. Through personal narratives and experiential evidence, you’ll learn why POW matters when it comes to climate advocacy.

POW’s Theory of Change

POW believes three things, working in conjunction, will alleviate climate impacts now and in the future: Technological & Financial Solutions, Political Will and a Cultural Shift. In this lesson, you’ll learn that these all exist, currently, and the momentum behind the climate movement is skyrocketing. As a result, your role as a climate advocate within this Theory of Change becomes that much more important.

Climate Policy

In order to understand the present and future of climate policy, it’s essential to look back at the history of climate policy in the United States. This lesson covers the role of climate policy in the United States, POW’s policy agenda and your role in shaping climate policy.

Climate Science

When talking climate, it’s essential to bring facts to the forefront in order to bring legitimacy to advocacy. POW’s Science Alliance, who rely on data collection and analysis, helps shed light on what the science is telling us, key statistics you should know and why it’s essential to elevate scientists to the roles of trusted messengers in the realm of climate advocacy.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is the most important thing you can do. Using your voice to advocate on behalf of the outdoor spaces you live and love is the best way to elevate the issue to the top of our lawmakers’ priority lists. In this module, you’ll learn just how impactful simply showing up can be when it comes to outdoor advocacy.

Case Study: How to Call Your Congressperson

Professional Trail Runner and POW Athlete Alliance member Dakota Jones shows you just how easy it is to call your representatives and advocate on behalf of the outdoors. In this lesson, Jones will shed light on the process for submitting comments to your local representatives.

Climate Change Solutions

The solutions to alleviating the effects of climate change exist… right now. And while that’s a positive, it’s going to take huge efforts to implement them. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the various technological solutions currently available to impede climate change and how you can work to support their implementation.

Team POW: What Can I Do?

The topic of climate change can be overwhelming, we know that. But as a member of Team POW, you’re given the know-how, tools and community engagement to actually turn your passion into purpose and advocate for the outdoor spaces you enjoy regularly. This lessons goes over your role as a Team POW member and the ways in which you can take your advocacy journey to the summit. Your most important role: Vote

Staying Positive

Feelings of doom and gloom still pervade the climate conversation in the United States. We’re not here to be Debby Downers. Developing ways to stay positive among all of the noise and uncertainty is key to making a continual impact as an advocate. Climate anxiety is real and justified, but apathy is our biggest enemy as advocates. In this lesson, POW Alliance members will share their own experiences and personal tips and tricks to staying positive as an imperfect advocate.


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